Now that we’ve finished going through B O N E M I L K submissions, please enjoy these 8,000,000 updates

@ Our dear B O N E M I L K lovelies!

We’ve started sorting and curating your work! You should start getting emails soon[ish] about which one you’re in and any additional info or edits — especially if you’re in the first anthology! Early submitters — this will be many of you!

Additionally, if you submitted to B O N E M I L K and haven’t heard back from us regarding a decision, PLEASE email us ( and let us know! We received a lot of submissions and sometimes weird things happen.

Just let us know.

Regarding how the work will be grouped in each anthology, please know there is no favoritism here. Our system for sorting and compiling is very strange, and also very dedicated to putting your work wherever it’ll shine the most! Many of you have pieces that work off each other so well! Each of the anthologies are being put together with the same amount of love, passion, and guts. Each one has a distinct vibe based on the work you sent us.

We really hope you love these books as much as we do.

Furthermore, everyone’s work will ALSO be published in B O N E M I L K Mayhem, the digital compilation! Visual artists — printing costs MAY mean black and white printing, but your work will shine in its truest, most colorful/vibrant form in the digital version. We’ll make sure of it. <3

Also, B O N E M I L K E R S — on account of being published in 1 of 3 print anthologies AND B O N E M I L K Mayhem, you get to add TWO publications to your CVs! It’ll be

1) I/II/III for the print anthology (The B O N E M I L K Collective) AND

2) B O N E M I L K Mayhem

Logan Hogan Photo Drop (on account of being bby <3)

meow meow <3

Additional Updates for you Gutsluts

1) Those of you who got early acceptances for Suicidaliens (due to us finding your work fits better there than in B O N E M I L K) — please just continue sitting tight. We love you and appreciate your patience. The official reading period for that is coming up (see the next note), and we’re aiming for a Valentine’s Day 2022 release date — so it’s not toooooo far in the future! Hang tight. We <3 u

2) The Suicidaliens reading period will be opening in just a few weeks! Get your shit ready for us! The submission window will be November 1st, 2021-December 31st, 2021 (by which time all the submission details will be available to you on the submissions page). Have stories/poems/art about aliens? Neon stuff? Sex? Smut? Erotica? BDSM/kink? Suicide? Partying? Addiction? Joy? Trauma? Feeling at home? Feeling like you don’t belong? Life after death? Death after life? Any other absurdity via the combo of being suicidal/an alien? This is the anthology for you! And remember — all art/creative forms are more than welcome. We’re aiming to do a similar setup to what we have going on for B O N E M I L K: a print anthology, AND a multimedia digital compilation. Audio/video/etc. artists, dancers, sculptors, etc. — WE ARE SPEAKING TO YOU! We better have our inbox loaded up with that shit once our submission call opens up. 2D/3D/4D/5D/666D Visual artists, too. And QT/BIPOC — our eyesluts are always peeled and searching for work of yours to publish. PLEASE submit! We <3 u

3) Starting on November 1st, 2021, we are offering feedback options! The details are already listed on our submissions page. Check it out!

4) Chapbook submissions! Now that we are done reading B O N E M I L K submissions and have moved into the design/editing phase, we will finally be reading your chapbook submissions! News SOON. We’re doing our best. Thank you so much for your patience. You don’t even know how excited we are to delve into these. You’re all seriously fucking amazing. Like wow.

5) B O N E M I L K cover reveals coming soon[ish]! We wish to feed your eyesluts gloriously.

6) #Gutober is still going strong! Keep checking the Blogslut and social media (Twitter/Instagram: @GutslutPress) for the prompts. In case you missed the memo on #Gutober, here’s a quick overview of what it is and what aspects of mortality we’re destroying. We’re planning to publish a collective PDF with each prompt as soon as October is over and we’ve posted the final one. Check the Gut Shop starting on November 1st, 2021 for your FREE PDF DOWNLOAD! Moreover, consider buying some of our other stuff while you’re there. We don’t have much merch at the present moment (just stickers and that one zine), but we have tons coming very soon! That brings us to our next point…

7) We have tons of merch coming soon! Clothing probably won’t happen until 2022, but we’re bringing you B O N E M I L K, Suicidaliens, GUT, SLUT, and Logan Hogan stickers, as well as related, extremely inappropriate postcards you definitely can’t send to your mother — unless your mum’s a gutslut, which is cool as fuck. Love that for her. Also, and as you may have guessed, we have actual books coming soon! FINALLY. The anthologies and 2022 prompt book (next point) will be available for pre-order shortly, and the selected chapbooks from our recent reading period for them will follow. Also, we’re not making any promises, but one of the Gutsluts mayyyyyyy very well be dropping a chapbook here by the end of the year (cover reveal soon).

8) Yes, our 2022 prompt book is already coming together! Writing/creative prompts GALORE!!! — although we very strongly encourage creatives from other mediums and disciplines to try these out, too. The super emo title drop and cover reveal are both coming soon. We’re really excited for this one, especially since we’re kind of going full-on Gutslut on it. Again, everything will be available for you in the Gut Shop soon!

9) We’re officially blogging a bit on the Blogslut. Be sure to check for god awful posts every once in a while! Who knows — we might even try posting some super important stuff. For those of you who are all about the meow meows, Logan Hogan has also offered to contribute a few articles here and there.

10) We fucking love you gutsluts!

11) PLEASE don’t forget to lick the gut!

xoxo, gossip gut

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