ALL YOU CAN EAT || B O N E M I L K || BUFFET (Pre-Order Links & More)

Here's an easy guide for purchasing your B O N E M I L K so you, too, can have wraithish bones and teeth! Below is a list of all the current B O N E M I L K products, hyperlinks for purchasing/pre-ordering them, and other additional information you may or may not actually … Continue reading ALL YOU CAN EAT || B O N E M I L K || BUFFET (Pre-Order Links & More)

#Gutober: Day 30

PROMPT: The slutty aliens have won their war against the billionaire human colonizers! They do space shrooms, celebrate, and determine what to do with the survivors. Suddenly, a gut appears — energized, frothing, and with a universe-changing proposal in-tentacle.

#Gutober: Day 25

PROMPT: An octopus runs a haberdashery-bookstore hybrid shop. Suddenly, the belts transform into serpents. The books won’t stop shrieking. The patrons fall into a trance and begin chanting. The octopus’s tentacles slither across the floor and expand to reveal mouths with fanged teeth  — hungry, waiting.