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ESSAYS BY Kelli Green


“Kelli Green’s personal and raw meditation on her past experiences with sexual assault serve as a sobering reminder of the emotional confusion that can cause a victim to not fully realize the intent, or extent, of abuse. This piece is a needed step towards normalizing victims sharing their stories and rejecting the excuses that they sometimes tell themselves in trying to rationalize horrible behavior from someone previously trusted.”

—Lar Browning, @MixMasterLar


“I am a long time fan of Kelli Green. Whenever she writes, she shares a beautiful openness, simply-told passion, and compassionate wisdom. With this current piece, she tells a very real truth that is difficult but crucial to talk about and even discusses the complicated feelings of writing and publishing this story.”

—Lara Rouse, Author of I Am, I Love You, and Heart of Darkness


“This story of ’me too’ opens up about the confusion that comes with the lesser discussed situations of sexual assault, and gives a healthy outlook for those still healing. It gives you a look without subjecting you to the actual cruelties, and allows you to understand the learning curve of realizing your assault.”

Kayla Liner, Artist

© 2023 [Untitled] Realizations

by Kelli Green and Gutslut Press.

ISBN: 978-1-312-44065-4

First Edition: November 2023.

Published in the United States by Gutslut Press.

RELEASE DATE: November 20th, 2023


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