© 2023 Topology as Monochrome.

by Nathan Anderson and Gutslut Press.

ISBN: 978-1-312-77978-5

First Edition: April 2023.

Published in the United States by Gutslut Press.

RELEASE DATE: April 1st, 2023


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Topology as Monochrome, like much of Nathan Anderson’s work, engages with the poetic form itself; the shifting landscape of the page provoking the reader’s eye and forcing us to think beyond the traditional confines of poetry. Anderson’s poetry allows the reader space for wandering and contemplation, while lending itself to repeated readings. Topology as Monochrome is both a
visual and a verbal feast moving between dense imagery and playful layout. Anderson’s book is an exciting and inspiring voyage through the possibilities of radical form. I find myself consistently surprised, delighted, and provoked by Anderson’s writing. I’m never bored by his work and Topology as Monochrome is no exception. Nathan Anderson is a poet worth following closely and devouring each new work with awe and joy. Topology as Monochrome is an excellent foray into Nathan Anderson’s inventiveness, playfulness, and commitment to expanding and engaging with poetry and all its diverse possibilities.”

– Joshua Martin


“Nathan Anderson’s work is faithful to its title. Unraveling the interconnections and antipodes all may acknowledge but too few, outside the poets and philosophers (and this is a wonderful work true to both those vital temperaments), want questioned of popular existence, this collection pulls the reader along labyrinthic expositions of those exchanges of sound and silence, proximity and distance, intellect and will, stasis and movement, destruction and coalescence, so as to announce in the face of the loud and cheaply colourful of so much this postmodern age (think politics, think fashion) the true horror of what subsists these—a layout of monochrome found screaming Truth, reclaiming Life. A text that, by its own vivacity, moves those radiants of the deeply poetic, Topology as Monochrome re-makes vibrant the bland if ordinarily mundane. This is to be expected, after all, of a poetry saying Yes to Life and thereby proving it in the face of contemporary blasé.”

– Andrew Cyril Macdonald

Nathan Anderson is a poet and artist from Mongarlowe, Australia. He is the author of numerous books and has had work appear widely in digital and print. He is a member of the C22 experimental writing collective. You can find him at or on Twitter @NJApoetry.


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