Chapbook Decisions!!! Here’s our shortlist, who we’re publishing, & totally related photos of Logan Hogan’s cute wittle paws

Hello guts, sluts, gutsluts, slutguts, wraiths, aliens, and whoever else may be here vibing with us! Before we share this info with everyone, there’s something we’d really like to say.

We had a lot of really lovely, brilliant, breathtaking, gutty, slutty submissions. Making the decisions regarding who to reject and who to accept were maybe the most difficult we’ve had to make since starting the press. And truthfully, it was all very close. We were so deeply impressed by the submissions we received that our “shortlist” was essentially just a very long list.

If you were rejected, please don’t take our decision as any testament to the quality or worth of your writing. We probably thought your submission was brilliant. Selecting pieces was always a strange, complicated process even before we started considering manuscripts. Our process is slightly bizarre, but we promise you it’s all very gutslut.

Further, if you submitted a chapbook during the late summer reading period and we didn’t select it for publication at this time, just go ahead and assume we still want to see more work from you in the future. Each time we rejected a piece, one of us said, “I really hope they submit again in the future, though.” The other one generally nodded while Logan licked his cute wittle paws in agreement.

Anyways, we love you tons. The gutslut family is solid — we promise. <3


Untitled Realizations (Tentative Title), by Kelli Green
CLOWN STAR, by Marshall Woodward
Gravity, by Ari Lohr
SIREN’S DESIRE, by Samirah the Sapphic Siren
Vulgarsweet, by Amy Jannotti
Melanin: Black, by Dre Hill
Topology as Monochrome, by Nathan Anderson
Drifting Bottles, by Arden Hunter
Agender Daydreams, by Thokozani Mbwana
NOT A DISORDER, by Nisha Patel
CO/NOTATIONS, by Cavar Sarah
cowabungaly yours at the end of the world, by Ashley Cline
, by Marylyn Tan

SHORTLIST (LONG LIST if we’re being totally honest here because you guts are fucking amazing for real <3)

Hide- and- seek, by Shiksha Dheda

Diary of a Pregnant Boy, by Sage Agee

Bastardize Me, by Matthew Feinstein

stigmata, by Tahlia McKinnon

a mythology of night terrors, by Betsie Flynn

Plasticine Rage, by Dane Lyn

The Insomniac’s Almanac, by JP Seabright

The Liminality of Being a Greedy Slut, by Brooke Kolcow

Or, A Light in a Cave, by D. Pleiades Sharpe

break/up/with/my/self, by Ashley Fox

The Rich and The Poor, by Justin Evans

Blood Tastes Like Peaches, by Rachel Roth

Faded Fur and Stripped Skin, by Melissa Martini

Life From the Perspective of Math, by Halle Preneta

trauma bone, by Jem Zero

Lost For Worlds, by Cody Duncan

BEEKEEPER, by McCaela Prentice

Also, here are a few pictures of Logan Hogan’s cute wittle paws.

Sometimes, we wonder if he ever takes photos of ours…

Probably not, though. Dude is really just all meows, paws, claws, and chaos.

THE Chaos.

Congratulations, everyone! Updates coming SOON!

*rubs tentacles together*

Now, let’s get this slut show on the road.

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