July 22nd, 2021: Announcements, Submissions, and Other Slutdates (Bonemilk, Chapbook Calls, Stickers, etc.)

Hello Guts, Sluts, Gutsluts, and yes, even Slutguts! We have a lot of updates for you regarding the upcoming Bonemilk anthology, as well as the press in general!

First of all, the best complaint a press can have is that it’s receiving too many quality submissions. We have received such an overwhelming amount from you already that we have decided we are going to split Bonemilk into a trilogy.

Essentially, our reading period will remain the same. You will have until November 30th, 2021 to send us your boniest, milkiest pieces ⁠— or however else you may interpret the theme. However, depending on when you do submit, you might end up in Bonemilk II or Bonemilk III instead. We promise that this has nothing to do with the quality of submissions, and that each of the three pieces of this anthology will be equally amazing. So, when the first anthology is full, we will begin populating the second one with accepted submissions.

This also allows us to start designing and preparing the first one for release prior to the end of the submission period. Pricing is unclear at this time, but we will do our best to provide deals for buying the entire trilogy — therefore encouraging strong exposure of everyone’s work, regardless of which of the Bonemilk anthologies it ends up in.

Splitting Bonemilk into three parts seemed like a MUCH better idea than rejecting so many talented people, and so much breathtaking work. We’re blown away. You’re seriously amazing.

We do, however, want to once again encourage visual artists, musicians, singers, dancers, filmmakers, and any other creatives to send us your stuff. We really want to round out this anthology with as much variety as we can! If it screams Bonemilk to you, send it to us. Let us worry about whether the medium works for our digital version. You just send it over to us. Submission guidelines can be found HERE.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for — chapbook submissions!!!

We will be accepting your chapbooks from Monday, August 9th, 2021 through Monday, August 23rd, 2021.

We have a pretty lax definition for what a chapbook can be. Send us poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid, experimental work, and/or visual art. We love combinations of some or all of the above. We just want the opportunity to read your work.

There will be more details when we make the official announcement for chapbook calls. Something to think about in the meanwhile is whether your submission is a Gut or a Slut. We’ve determined that these are the two genres of great literature. If you’re not sure, let us know and we can discuss this later!

Moreover — and this is not a requirement at all — but if you submit a slightly ~spookier chapbook, we will do our absolute best to aim for a Halloween release.

Submissions for full-length manuscripts are in the near future, but we don’t quite have the timeframe for it yet.

Keep your eyesluts peeled!

Listen, cuties (yes, this is Patrick writing this), we really want to pay our contributors. More than anything.

Right now, we’re looking at doing that out of our own pockets, but if you go to the store and buy stickers, a zine, one of the editors’ chapbooks (coming soon), or just donate in general, all your money goes straight back into the Gutslut fund. We are running at a $0.00 profit margin because we care first and foremost about getting this work to you and helping our contributors. Anything you can do helps us, and anything that helps us helps them.

I know we just told you that Bonemilk has had so many submissions we had no choice but to split it into three parts, but we already want to announce our next collection titled Suicidal Aliens: Suicidal [Party] Aliens. Submissions will be accepted from November 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021. We are really aiming for a nice Valentine’s Day release since creepy aliens are ~~~Hallmark af (fuck Hallmark), but we will keep you gutsluts updated!

Speaking of which, aliens are encouraged, but not mandatory. What we’re looking for is all the usual stuff we have listed on our submissions page with slight emphasis on a few specific areas. Work about struggles with mental health is encouraged. Party life is encouraged. Kink and erotica are encouraged (for Cupid’s sake). This is also a super duper safe space for pieces about addiction. We are especially looking for those.

Just send us what you have! This one will most likely be digital only — but we will let you know if that changes.

We just wanted to say that we didn’t expect this much love, support, and enthusiasm this quickly. We really thought this would take a while to pick up. We are so grateful for you all.

Since things are going SO MUCH BETTER than we planned, we are adjusting accordingly. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period of utter chaos.


gut slut press


And finally, please remember — Slutguts are just as much a thing as Gutsluts. They should ALWAYS be recognized as such.

Thank you for reading, friendos! Catch you back on Twitter.

Slutilly Yours — The Gutsluts

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